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Strong heart makes life longer! Valeron will make your heart strong!



Cardiovascular system is the main section for providing and maintaining human’s health and life. Weak heart and poor condition of blood vessels indicate huge problems. It is hard to feel healthy, if heart “is giving trouble” and blood pressure “jumps about”. Within their lives many have encountered problems of heart functions, elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol level and other diseases of cardiovascular system and understand how very important it is to retain healthy heart and entire circulatory system.

Valeron – natural, combined food supplement for strengthening cardiovascular system. Valeron strengthens and improves heart functions, promotes decrease and stabilization of blood pressure, promotes decrease of cholesterol levels, increases the physical durability of the body and helps the heart to endure physical load more easily. Valeron contains vitamins, amino acids, biologically active substances and extracts of medicinal plants that regulate and improve heart function, strengthen blood vessels and provides strength and health of the cardiovascular system. Valeron will make your heart strong!


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